Thunderbird and Word - A question for a friend


Hello all,

A friend of mine has recently switched from Outlook to Thunderbird, and has an issue I don't know how to solve.

Thunderbird has been set as default, but when he tried to attach a file to an email from within Word, he gets an error message that says it is impossible to do so.
Even from LibreOffice he doesn't manage to attach files to emails.

He has Office 2007, LibreOffice 5.2, and NVDA 2017.3 under Windows7.

I'm at a loss, because it works for me in Windows 10, Versione 1067.

The difference, apart from the OS version, is that I don't have office, so it works in LIbreOffice.

Could it be that, in spite of having Thunderbird set as dafault, Word or Writer look for Outlook, can't find it, and give an error?

Hope this is clear. I'm not so good at explaining technical issues...
Ciao, and thanks in advance!

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