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When you open the program, you are, as I recall, in an edit field.Tab around if you aren’t.  I don’t have the program on this computer and I can’t tell you exactly what it is called.  Type whatever you are looking for, a station, a genre, a country, and maybe other things I don’t know about nor use.  Shift tab, once and, if there are results, you will find them.  Sometimes, it takes a little while for the program to find things if the search brings up a lot of results.
Use read current line to hear the first result if it isn’t announced.  Down arrow to see all results.  Press enter on the one you want.

Sent: Monday, September 25, 2017 7:05 AM
Subject: [nvda] question about radio streamer

Hi gene

Would you please send me the full instructions of how to use tapin radio?

Because I managed to install it but I don’t know how to search for the stations.

Thanks in advance



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Do you have it set up to be accessible?  Open the menus and look through them.  Also, use the command f1 to open a list of commands. Close the list with escape. 


Specifically, to record, use the command f3 wile Tapin is playing to turn recording on and off.  You should look through the menus and preferences, which you can open from a menu.  You can make adjustments such as whether recording is done as one continuous file or whether a new file is begun every time the program sees that a new work is playing.  on music stations or other stations that indicate such things so that Tapin shows them in the title bar, by default, a new file will be started every time the information in the title bar changes. 



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   Hi Brian!

I use the free version of tapin radio. The other don't let me to hear
anything. But I'd like to record radioStation like it's possible with
radioSure but with tapin radio I don't know how to do it.

На 20.9.2017 г. в 22:28 ч., brian написа:
>         I have tapin radio and Ihad it for years.  Almost everything
> use to play but for several months it was not getting updated and lots
> of stations will not play.   they don't want to fix it.  now it's a
> paidversion I don't know how much it is they do offer a 14 day trial
> period.  I have email exchanges with Phillop and he is a real big
> jerk.  I told him that I will not pay for it unless you fix the
> stations that won't play and keep it updated.  He told me that the
> person who maintained and updated tapin radio is no longer there. 
> Lots of the public safety stations won't play and in the free version
> I get the message that there are no stations found here and he does
> not know why.  In the version they are all there but lots of them
> won't play.  He does is not even trying to fix the problem and thats
> not good technical support.  There is a bug in the new version but he
> does not think that there is.  I will just keep on using the version
> that I have and if it gets worse then there is nothing I can do about
> it.  It use to be a great program but no more.
> Brian Sackrider
> On 9/20/2017 2:47 PM, Marco Oros wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I would like to find also some accessible software for listening and
>> recording radio station streaming, which is for free and accessible
>> for NVDA users.
>> Please, could You help me?
>> Thank You.
>> Marco Oros

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