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Well that was the entry I pasted from the last bounce. Most seem to go and are never seen again, occasionally one gets through. Have a look at any bounce headers you do get.
I've reposted the offending email this morning and done a please ignore test and neither seem to be on the list.
I've also noticed that messages in many lists are arriving out of order which makes me look a pillock for replying several times since the emails I should have replied to arrive after the ones replying to it. this seems to be the case on lists from my gmail and my virgin accounts, so I can only suspect that its some kind of checking going on for spam.

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If that genuinely is the problem, then the list administrators / owners should
be asked to consider moving the list to a service which does not use


On Thursday 28 September 2017 at 12:03:21, John J. Boyer wrote:

I hate server blacklists. it's a crude way to fight spam. My servers have
been lacklisted at least twice. I think that is worse than spam!s


On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 08:36:05AM +0100, Brian's Mail list account via
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Just in case anyone has seen bounces from that list as I have my
investigations seem to suggest that they aare using a blacklisting
service called sorbs, and several ISPs mail servers are now on it, which
either results in a no post or a bounce.
I suppose its up to those isps to get rid of the spammer in their
systems and apply for removal from the list.
I thought I'd mention it here as its quite a new addition to the reasons
for emails to lists to not appear. At present, IO seems to not be
affected, but sourceforge is getting more and more picky on its message
acceptances. Brian
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