migrating Windows installation

Justin Harris <justin171185@...>

Hi everyone,
I am hoping that someone else has actually done this before, because I am totally stuck. I just got a new solid state drive, and wish to migrate my windows installation and programs to that, while keeping music and such on my old drive. The ssd is only 120 gb, so I believe this is how I will have to go about everything.
So, here goes:
1. The new drive is not accessible through Windows Explorer, but I am able to find it in the disk management in control panel. However, I am unable to make a partition. It shows the unalocated space, as being the whole thing. But when I go in to the applications menu, it won't let me do anything. A lot of the options are dimmed. I've tried doing things with object navigation and everything, and just can't do it. So, first off, what's the best way to be able to partition this drive? All I need is one partition, but no matter how hard I try, I have yet to be able to figure it out.
2. Once the disk has been partitioned, what is the best, and most accessible program to migrate my Windows installation??? I know I could probably do a fresh install, but the idea is to have everything back up and running quickly, as I run an online radio station, and down time is not a good thing at all.
I really hope that someone can give me a hand here. Thanks in advance for the info. :)

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