Re: The Dev list and blacklisting of mail servers


It isn’t the list server that uses black listing.  Some providers don’t alllow certain domains because they are sending a lot of spam. 

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If that genuinely is the problem, then the list administrators / owners should
be asked to consider moving the list to a service which does not use


On Thursday 28 September 2017 at 12:03:21, John J. Boyer wrote:

> I hate server blacklists. it's a crude way to fight spam. My servers have
> been lacklisted at least twice. I think that is worse than spam!s
> John
> On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 08:36:05AM +0100, Brian's Mail list account via
Groups.Io wrote:
> > Just in case anyone has seen bounces from that list as I have my
> > investigations seem to suggest that they aare using a blacklisting
> > service called sorbs, and several ISPs mail servers are now on it, which
> > either results in a no post or a bounce.
> > I suppose its up to those isps to get rid of the  spammer in their
> > systems and apply for removal from the list.
> > I thought I'd mention it here as its quite a new addition to the reasons
> > for emails to lists to not appear. At present, IO seems to not be
> > affected, but sourceforge is getting more and more picky on its message
> > acceptances. Brian

Someone has stolen all the toilets from New Scotland Yard.  Police say they
have absolutely nothing to go on.

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