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Walker, Michael E

Thank you. I kept thinking I would need to pull the NVDA source from Git and go through the Python source files to get to the documentation, such as in the form of Python docstrings and comments. I knew there had to be a better way though. Someone should post that reference you just shared to the development wiki. I did not see it anywhere. I am exploring if NVDA app modules and global plugins are something I would enjoy writing.





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Usually it refers to source code and the documentation that gets generated from it. I keep a copy of it on my website at:





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Subject: [nvda] Plugins


Hi, when I see verbiage in the NVDA developer guide such as, “Developers should consult the code documentation for a complete reference,” what exactly does that mean? In this context, I do not see a link to code documentation, or a reference. I tried to subscribe to the developer mailing list on SourceForge to post this question, but did not get a confirmation email, even though I believe that would be the more appropriate place for this question. Has the list moved?




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