Re: FW: [nvda-addons] Quarterly addon releases have been posted..

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

It is referenced on the add on update page, so I am asking the
question. Is E-mule still working? I mean the actual program itself?
I tried it a few weeks ago after not having it installed for a year and
I couldn't connect to any servers.

On 4/18/2016 11:04 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Derek Riemer will succeed me as the one who’ll be making quarterly add-on release announcements starting this fall. Thank you.



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Subject: [nvda-addons] Quarterly addon releases have been posted..

Hello community,
The following add-ons have new releases. If you have one of these add-ons installed, please update it to get the latest features and translations.
BitChe, Clip Contents Designer, Control Usage Assistant, Day of the Week, Dropbox, Emoticons, eMule, Golden Cursor, GoldWave, No beeps speech mode, Place Markers, Read Feeds, Resource Monitor, SysTray List, TeamViewer, Unicode Braille Input, VLC, Windows 10 App and Essentials
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