Re: Necessary training to write a screen reader?

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Thank you for pointing out the subgroup. I am still learning how works. I see the Subgroups link on this group’s homepage, as well as the developer group.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Necessary training to write a screen reader?



At some point we should move this discussion to a more appropriate location, but…

A screen reader is just any other program: filled with variables, loops, conditionals, classes and objects, libraries, API calls and what not. But when it comes to screen readers, some knowledge of accessibility API’s helps, as well as willingness to listen to customers and be part of the community.

If you want, I recommend that you join the devlearning subgroup where I teach people how to write Python code, as well as give talks on NVDA internals for the next few months. Be warned though: the traffic you see in that subgroup isn’t for the faint of heart: in other words, one must show dedication and commitment, and in some cases, it becomes quite technical.




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Subject: [nvda] Necessary training to write a screen reader?




When I read about how NVDA was born by a blind developer starting and writing it back in 2006, where do you think he would have even gotten the training to write a screen reader? I know that one would not get this from college alone. College may teach the fundamentals of Computer Science with an introduction to some specialized topics like security and cryptography, image processing, networking, and multimedia, but writing a screen reader has to be a highly complex undertaking. I am not looking to write one, but am intrigued by NVDA’s history.




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