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Following on from what others have said, while NVDA itself only does speech and / or braille output, it does work with the Windows magnifier which is built into Windows 7.  Press WINDOWS+PLUS to start or increase magnification, WINDOWS+MINUS to decrease magnification, CONTROL+ALT+i to toggle invert colours and WINDOWS+ESCAPE to exit magnifier.

NVDA can be run in Aero or classic modes of Windows, although if you are using Windows Magnifier, you will need to be in Aero to get full screen. 

Another magnification option is Glass Brick: it is built over the Windows magnifier but offers a lot more features and customisation.

For the mouse pointer, I developed some extra large ones a couple of years ago you might find useful:

One more thing as a low vision user you might find useful with NVDA, is the "Focus Highlight" addon.  It draws a box around whatever control or item has focus.  See:

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I am looking into using the software but have couple of questions :


          - Does it support full screen magnification ?



         - Can I change size of the mouse pointer ?


          - Do I have to use Aero theme (under Win 7) or can I continue using Basic ?  If I can use Basic theme will I lose all customizations (fonts, colors, etc) ?

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