Re: Necessary training to write a screen reader?

Didier Colle

Dear Mike,

In this article you might read a similar story for emacspeak (thus not NVDA).

It appears that he had the very kernel of emacspeak running in only 4 hours.

As mentioned by someone else a screen reader is just another program, that you should be able to develop with the concepts you learn in a cs education.

Diving into accessibility and other APIs is the starting point, then you start with a very small core of the thing that can do basic stuff and from there on you grow it further to a real product (which takes manyfolds of the effort and time that goes in the very basic core of your product).

Kind regards,


On 29/09/2017 22:29, Walker, Michael E wrote:



When I read about how NVDA was born by a blind developer starting and writing it back in 2006, where do you think he would have even gotten the training to write a screen reader? I know that one would not get this from college alone. College may teach the fundamentals of Computer Science with an introduction to some specialized topics like security and cryptography, image processing, networking, and multimedia, but writing a screen reader has to be a highly complex undertaking. I am not looking to write one, but am intrigued by NVDA’s history.




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