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Hi Brian

Where i live here in new zealand I know of 80 plus year old people using smart phones actually there are quite a few they just need to be showed how to drive it and once up and running they love it.

here they are also doing a trial of i pads to be used as talking book machines etc with all all ages and quite a few of them are in there 60s, 70, and 80s.

There are young ones at times teaching the oldies to use ther i pad and then it is not much of a step to a touch phone if you get what i mean.

Gene nz

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I do also feel though that whoever writes the questions makes some assumptions as well.
The fact is, although there are blind people I know using smart phones, most are young and most people I know are not young, well over 45 lets say, and seldom use mobile smart tech, and if they do they seldom do much on them.

Most have either second hand laptops or desktops with probably windows 7 on them 32 bit in the main. I do know a lot of people still using xp and indeed I'm writing this on an old xp machine now, but its not my main machine as its so slow compared with even a machine about 5 years old!

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I totally agree with you dude.

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I would like to stress that people should show willingness to participate in this survey. Last time, a screen reader vendor did promote this survey heavily, which resulted in unintended side effect of skewing the resulting data, and I do not want to see someone repeating that. Promotion is good, but I think using this survey as a fuel for promoting NVDA isn't a good idea; rather, it is better to promote NVDA on a continual basis, not during big events like this.

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Dear all,
Since almost a decade, WebAim, a non-profit web accessibility consultancy organisation, has been conducting an annual (sometimes
biennial) survey, which, as its name implies, attempts to gather statistics about the usage share of different screen readers, technology (particularly Internet) accessibility trends, etc. so as to aid analysts, researchers, accessibility consultants, sighted developers, and mainstream companies to get a quantified picture of the state of the AT industry.
While this survey features participation from varied geographies, NVDA’s user base, at least in my personal view, has always been understated. While 8% respondents of the first December 2008 WebAim survey reported to be NVDA users, this figure has only increased to 14% of respondents in its 2015 counterpart claiming to use NVDA as their primary screen reader and 41% using it commonly, a usage share substantially lower than NVDA’s commercial and more expensive screen reading alternatives.
I think it would be a great way of playing our tiny part in getting the word out about NVDA’s viability and competency  if all NVDA community members, users, testers and other related parties, particularly from second and third world developing regions which often remain silent for such surveys but where free and open source NVDA makes a prominent impact, take this survey and contribute to letting the world know about the size and standing of the NVDA user base.
The URL of said survey is .
It took me about ten minutes to fill this survey and the form was extremely accessible. Not only from an NVDA angle, but filling such surveys always brings out useful and reflective data, which, in turn, betters AT as a whole. Therefore, I urge everyone to take some time out for this survey so that we can make the data truly reflective of the actualities.
P.S. I am in no way affiliated to WebAim nor is my intention to merely promote this survey.

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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