Re: Where are the recordings?

Antony Stone

See for an example.

That page contains a link to another page on the same server, the URL for
which contains three space characters (not encoded using %20 either).


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The thing is though that I don't think I've ever seen any web address
anywhere which has spaces in it. They are nearly always hyphens or
underscores. It may well be so that you can have them, but to all intents
and purposes when you use any document to convey them they never work.

I have tried in Firefox and they seem also to fall over, which was my point
before. The web address was faulty as you say as the look up of the IP
itself did not resolve to anything sensible.

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Spaces are perfectly valid in web addresses.

The problem with them is that most email clients and similar applications
can't tell whether the space and the next word are still part of the
address, or if the address has finished and the next word is just a word,
so therefore spaces are often converted to %20 so that the entire address
string is continuous.

Typing an address, complete with spaces, into a web browser, however, is
perfectly valid.

The fundamental problem being discussed in this thread is in fact that
someone fairly early on posted a URL which doesn't work.

is the correct URL and works, although very very slowly.


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You cannot have spaces in web addresses though, can you? I was thinking
this too but decided it has to be something like underscore or something
else. brian
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