Re: NVDA Country Subgroups

Engin Albayrak <mealbayrak@...>

There is a yahoo group for Turkey:

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That could work, however I believe you must be subscribed to the parent
group in order to subscribe to the sub group, this is how I understand it.
My skype list does not have any sub groups as right now we don't need them.

Take care all

On Oct 1, 2017, at 12:26 PM, Vlad Dragomir <>


This would be an excellent idea. I would love to have a more international
experience, although technically I don't know how this would be possible.
Anyway if anyone has more information or details, I am more than open to the
idea of attending different groups, or even better, opening this one to more
people, even thouse whose English is hesitant.

Best regards,


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