Re: bug in browsemode


Your discusssion of the second behavior should be clarified.  You evidently want NVDA to continue reading if you use n while speak aall is active so reading will continue without having to execute any other commands.  This should certainly not happen if speak all hasn't been started before the n command is issued. 
I don't have an opinion about whether the change you want should be made, but I doubt this is a bug.  It appears to me that the current behavior is a behavior which is intentional that you want changed.

Sent: Monday, October 02, 2017 2:27 PM
Subject: [nvda] bug in browsemode


I guess I discovered a bug in the behaviour of nvda in the browsemode.

using the shortcut "n" to jump to the next unlinked text on a website
does not work correctly when there are special characters in a text line.

steps to reproduce:

e.g. go to m.facebook website -> messages -> friend-name

to open a thread.

in this thread you can jump to the text you and your friend wrote

if you type "*smile*"

or similar on a line

this line will be ignored by "n" and you will jump directly to the next
"normal" textline.

This should absolutely not be the case, as you miss normal text because
of this bug.

a second problem with "n" is, that not the whole text block is read on
this keypress - but the next "n" press jumps to the next block of text
and does not read the rest of the current block

because of this second block you always only hear the first line of a
textblock when using "n"

so you cannot read a text with this shortcut, you only get the dirst
line of every block and then have to use other reading shortcuts to read
on, which does not make any sense.

hope this two bugs can be confirmed and hopefully be fixed



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