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Now the first person to come up with a use for the waste heat from a laptop will be very rich. I did think of a cup warmer, but then its not to be encouraged, drinking hot beverages near computer keyboards, is it?
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To be honest when I am setting a system up, I turn sleep and hybernation
off only shutdown on.

I have it so it will shut down when I hit the button and only that.

I have had hybernate active on a system but only because the usr closed
the lid and left it running till its battery died last week but I really
don't care for things powering off.

similarl/y I don't ever allow processers and all those saving features
to remain set for so call savings mode I know I use power faster but if
I need the power I need it./

/One thing that does change it is if I need it on my lap, I do then dumb
down the cpu a lot, my lap is not a hot cake./


On 3/10/2017 8:17 a.m., Kostadin Kolev wrote:
Hello all,

A friend of mine noticed that if he reads a long article via "say all" and his
system is set to go to "sleep", the system will go to "sleep", even if NVDA
hasn't finished reading at that time. Shouldn't NVDA (at least optionally)
prevent system standby/sleep function while it is reading something? I thought
that there was a ticket in the NVDA issue tracker about this, but apparently
there isn't, because my searches for "prevent sleep" and "prevent standby" did
not return as a result such a ticket.

Any thoughts?

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

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