Re: Where are the recordings?

Antony Stone

As you say, "it is up to the browser/program to perform the conversion".

That means you can give your browser a URL with spaces in, and it will convert
it before making the request to the web server.

See for an example.

That page contains a link to another page on the same server, the URL for
which contains a total of three space characters (not encoded using %20).


On Tuesday 03 October 2017 at 03:54:32, Travis Siegel wrote:

According to (the definitive source on all things html)
the space character is not permitted in urls. The page:

spaces *must* be encoded as something else, and depending on your
character set, it can be any number of things, with the most common
being a %20, but %21, %22, %23, and a handful of others as well may
sometimes result.

It's up to the browser/program to perform the conversion.

Many tech sites claim spaces are allowed, but should be avoided because
multiple spaces can be considered a security risk (for technical
reasons), but since w3 are the folks that make the standard, I'm going
with their take on it, which simply put states spaces aren't allowed in

On 9/30/2017 5:06 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
Spaces are perfectly valid in web addresses.

The problem with them is that most email clients and similar applications
can't tell whether the space and the next word are still part of the
address, or if the address has finished and the next word is just a
word, so therefore spaces are often converted to %20 so that the entire
address string is continuous.

Typing an address, complete with spaces, into a web browser, however, is
perfectly valid.

The fundamental problem being discussed in this thread is in fact that
someone fairly early on posted a URL which doesn't work.

is the correct URL and works, although very very slowly.


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You cannot have spaces in web addresses though, can you? I was thinking
this too but decided it has to be something like underscore or something
else. brian

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Replace %20 by space.


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I just tried this and the link appears to be totally dead!! By this, I
mean it doesn't even try to open a browser at all let alone give me a
page not found error or anything--it just says visited after I choose
it but then just sits there. What's wrong?


On 9/28/2017 7:03 PM, dingpengyu06@... wrote:
All of you are good, this is the last week of the activities of the
recording, the following is the download address: because there is no
reason to deal with, so the volume will be relatively large, so a lot
of inclusive. Http://
<> 20activities.7z
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