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I think it depends on the e-mail program being used to a certain extent.  One reason I use Windows Live Mail is because I can read mail in plain text and, when I find a rare message, most personal and list e-mail can be read well as plain text, but when I find something I want to read as html, I open the message, and  I use the command alt shift h and that message is read as html while opened.  I get the safety of reading mail in general as plain text, which is a little safer than reading everything as html, and I suspect the messages may open slightly faster as well, but I haven't tested to see if it matters, and, at the same time, the convenience of being able, with one command, to read any message I wish as html.  I get a newsletter or two that I read as html.  almost everything else is list mail and personal mail, which reads well as plain text.

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        Just FYI, my "e-mails" are not, in actuality e-mails.   I participate in exclusively using their web interface (except if doing testing for some feature where using e-mail to do so is essential).  What you see from me on this list is generated by the web interface of

        I have little doubt that a great deal of e-mail is still generated with a "hidden" plain text part, but I expect that proportion to drop, slowly but surely, over the next couple of decades.

        My point was that, at least as far as what lands in a user's inbox, they can count on the vast majority of it having been composed using HTML formatting and, very often, having the potential to lose a lot of embedded content (or make it miserable to deal with) if they force it to plain text.  It is my teaching philosophy that I try to get my students to configure themselves to deal with what they are most likely to encounter in its native form whenever possible.  Given what I see in e-mail messages I do not teach how to force to plain text as there is too much potential for intended content to be lost or much more miserable to access.

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