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Well I have a boss I do work for in psycology and he worries about braille.

The fact is, well there are 3 facts.

THe major one ofcause well 2 is.

1.  while we can print braille on paper bulky as it is easy enough, we still need the old style analog pins and the like to drive the dots and such.

Eventually something needs to be done.

The other fact is sad but true.

Braille is so yesteryear.

You don't need braille at all, in fact the blind never need braille as long as they have speech and power for devices.

If your deff or loose power for things for a long period its another matter.

Braille books are bulky in paper form.

I do read braille and have been using it since school as well as reading the odd book from time to time.

But braille isn't much use to me anymore.

If we got things working in a modernised environment, fine.

But we need to do it quickly else braille will go the way of the 386 computer, windows xp, win98, and a lot of the manual equipment of yesteryear.

Its not relivent in todays world allready.

If it became as good as say well updated to todays standards for output and input then maybe its got a chance.

On 4/10/2017 2:14 a.m., Damien Sykes-Lindley wrote:
Braille displays are super expensive. So expensive, in fact, that I'm surprised they're still on the market!
As for me, very naughty me, especially being total, I haven't touched Braille in ten years. Consequently, I've forgotten most of it! I'm a speech user all the way.
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I wouldn't be without Braille personally.  You can only tell so much with
speech, unless you turn on formatting and all that jazz.

All the best


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Tis is just a question. I see a lot of work going on on the development
front to make these displays and the entering of the code more intuitive and
I just wondered how many folk here can afford to use a Braille display on
their machines? Since the promised Orbit seems to be having issues getting
out  of the factory, most of the other choices out there need a second
mortgage to buy them!

Just musing that was all.
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