Re: Rumola


can I please fet the link fore portable firefox with webvism?

On 10/3/2017 9:40 AM, Mallard wrote:
That never worked for me.

I use Webvisum, but it no longer works with Firefox as of version 53. For this reason, I've kept a portable of version 52, which I use when I need to solve Captchas with Webvisum.

The add-on is still there; it's Firefox that no longer lets us use it.

Should anyone choose to go tthe way I go, I can provide a link to my dropbox with a version of Webvisum that works.



Il 03/10/2017 17:59, Nevzat Adil ha scritto:
Hi everyone,
Do any of you use Rumola, the addon to Firefox that automatically
reads the captia?
I noticed today that mine no longer works.
I went to and tried to sign into my account and see if I
can reactivate but that did not work, either.
It has not been updated since 2014 according to their website.
It was a nice little helpful software when encountering captias.
  I would appreciate any comments.


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