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No and now there has been a user that is selling it because they said it was not for them.

I was going to buy this but it seems to use a simple os, and I am unsure what to do about that.

I was thinking like something like the l braille though to be honest  what I'd like would be a braille keyboard and or querty keyboard and a braille screen you could put on to any computer that could have a ssd in it.

You can get up to 1tb drives with 256-500 being all a standard user would need.

Ofcause thats probably going to sort of cost as much as a good computer but even though that may be expensive.

The future is in mainstream oses or as extra hardware for those.

Using a pc after using my limited keynote in dos and other braille systems it opened my eyes to what I was missing software wise.

The issue I see with a lot of blind accessible special hardware is you can only run software that is accessible.

And while thats fine for the average user if like me you are not and I bet a lot of us are not, we want to fiddle about with our systems, destroy them, screw ourselves over and be free.

Blindy spaciffic devices don't allow us to be free.

Because we are helpless and they need to hold our blind hands.

Thats fine to a point, but you will eventually exhaust the limited featureset and once thats done you may wander is that all.

Its true you can do some gaming, email, and other things but you can't just load a general windows program or whatever on a standard old style device.

At the time I did training with my now dead keynote 18, you got told the basics, the general wordprocessing app, the dos reader, and the extra programs to use for braille translation and wordperfect and that was it.

Fortunately there was dos, I was able to fiddle but I do believe some devices are more restricted than that.

Unless you had an eurika that was which was in unix and could program it and or the bns or something it was still restricted.

If we hope to move forward as a people then we need to make devices that are mainstreamed or at least be able to connect to mainstream tech like a laptop for extra functions.

On 4/10/2017 2:43 a.m., Adriani Botez wrote:
How about orbit reader? It is the cheapest braille display. Did they manage
to start shipping?

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Braille displays are indeed very expensive to buy new, but they remain
manufactured and available because the majority of purchases are by
employers or government education departments who are required to provide
funding for disabled people under many countries' anti-discrimination laws.

That said, I have had good success buying second-hand displays on eBay,
because no employer or education funder will consider supplying a
second-hand device, but they can still be passed on in a good working
condition after someone leaves their job or comes to the end of their

I do wish lower-cost new Braille displays were available, but so long as the
majority of the customers are organisations which can afford them and don't
question the price, they will continue to pay current prices for them in
just the same way as they pay for Jaws licences, instead of funding the
development of NVDA and then getting as many copies as they like for free


On Tuesday 03 October 2017 at 15:14:41, Damien Sykes-Lindley wrote:

Braille displays are super expensive. So expensive, in fact, that I'm
surprised they're still on the market!
As for me, very naughty me, especially being total, I haven't touched
Braille in ten years. Consequently, I've forgotten most of it! I'm a
speech user all the way.
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I wouldn't be without Braille personally. You can only tell so much
with speech, unless you turn on formatting and all that jazz.

All the best


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Tis is just a question. I see a lot of work going on on the
development front to make these displays and the entering of the code
more intuitive and better.
I just wondered how many folk here can afford to use a Braille display
on their machines? Since the promised Orbit seems to be having issues
getting out of the factory, most of the other choices out there need
a second mortgage to buy them!

Just musing that was all.
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