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I agree.

What is worse here is that the disabled have to work.

In reality its submitting something to the government saying you are looking for work and are active when actually you are not.

Not because you can't but because there isn't any work to be had and all those agencies well forget it, is all I will say.

Its like when I get dvds here.

While I can watch some of them myself or with sighted assistance I need to crack the dvd, in order to get an audio described mp3 of the file to watch and or store myself or whatever.

If I am unlucky I can't so I manage to watch it once then I shelve it because its a chore to do.

For a sightling to watch it its easy.

I need to run my extraction program to see if I can hack it, then if I can hack it, thats 30 minutes pulling everything I want maybe more and 10 minutes sorting it and then if its not in little bits then I can listen to it and decide if I will keep it on a drive for later.

This isn't me doing that to rental videos either, I need to pirate my own dvds to watch them.

Something about access stinks.

I do think the publishers could do something about this, I mean they have the raw files description tracks, etc I'd pay for a service.

But its lets get rid of the pirates access be damned.

At least that is what I was like in 1995.

I am still like it now but all those new laws mean I need to be carefull.

I havn't brought a movie or watched a dvd myseklf in years now.

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Here you have to be in paid work before you get evaluated, but you cannot often get work without it so its that old catch 22 situation, and then they wonder why so many blind people do not have jobs.
I'm retired actually being 67 this year. I guess if I read Braille well then I'd want one but I learned late in life and its a lot harder to become proficient and I manly use it for labels these days.
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In Germany they are also bein paid by ministery of labor or by the health
insurance company. And very often is being individually judged if the person
gets the device paid or not. It depends on the time period since last
payment or on how well tested is the technical features of the device.

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I agree. Luckily, the National Health Service here in Italy gives us braille
displays, either totally paid by the National Health Service itself, or
partly - depending on the cost of the device.

I used an Optacon before the advent of braille displays, and still do, but
on paper and ereaders; no longer on a pc screen, due to uncomfortable
position of my workstation.

I couldn't live without braille! I switched to NVDA only once braille
support was introduced.



Il 03/10/2017 13:41, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Tis is just a question. I see a lot of work going on on the
development front to make these displays and the entering of the code
more intuitive and better.
I just wondered how many folk here can afford to use a Braille display
on their machines? Since the promised Orbit seems to be having issues
getting out of the factory, most of the other choices out there need
a second mortgage to buy them!

Just musing that was all.
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