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I used to be an avid reader and would borrow any story books or anything else I considered interesting from the library at our blind school.  This guarantees that I will not forget how to read and write braille should the need arise.  Cheers!

On 4/10/2017 3:57 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Not only that, Gene's 300 pages per month is actually not that much. I used
to read a Braille book a day when I was on summer holidays. So it's

I can also read Braille extremely fast and I believe that anyone especially
if they start learning early, can read fast with a little application.

All the best


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I must say that Braille is very very important for me and for everyone who
reads Braille books or other material.
Don't forget blind users that have hearing lost and they must use Braille.
When I read another language, like English that is not my mother tongue - I
enjoy and understand what I read with Braille and I can see the spelling of
each word because this point, is very important for me.
So, I say thanks for NVDA developments that continue to improve support for
the Braille users.


moti azrad

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Braille displays are super expensive. So expensive, in fact, that I'm
surprised they're still on the market!
As for me, very naughty me, especially being total, I haven't touched
Braille in ten years. Consequently, I've forgotten most of it! I'm a speech
user all the way.
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I wouldn't be without Braille personally. You can only tell so much with
speech, unless you turn on formatting and all that jazz.

All the best


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Tis is just a question. I see a lot of work going on on the development
front to make these displays and the entering of the code more intuitive and
I just wondered how many folk here can afford to use a Braille display on
their machines? Since the promised Orbit seems to be having issues getting
out of the factory, most of the other choices out there need a second
mortgage to buy them!

Just musing that was all.

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