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I have used braille with jaws for the last 20 years. I still have the old displays and would like to use them with my NVDA. Is anyone using the powerbraille or alva displays with nvda? I'd like to know how? Thanks.

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I agree. Luckily, the National Health Service here in Italy gives us
braille displays, either totally paid by the National Health Service
itself, or partly - depending on the cost of the device.

I used an Optacon before the advent of braille displays, and still do,
but on paper and ereaders; no longer on a pc screen, due to
uncomfortable position of my workstation.

I couldn't live without braille! I switched to NVDA only once braille
support was introduced.



Il 03/10/2017 13:41, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Tis is just a question. I see a lot of work going on on the development front to make these displays and the entering of the code more intuitive and better.
I just wondered how many folk here can afford to use a Braille display on their machines? Since the promised Orbit seems to be having issues getting out of the factory, most of the other choices out there need a second mortgage to buy them!

Just musing that was all.

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