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hi nimer.
thanks so much for your great post.
i agree that we should respect each other, our comunity, etc.
i only love nvda, but i understand that i should do my best for
maintaining the reputation of my best program which i love very much
and is an extremely great revolution in my life!
i sincerely admire your work, pray for you every day and request
divine infinite blessings and mercy for you!

On 10/4/17, Armando Maldonado <> wrote:
Yep I agree. I am slowly embracing NVDA and regardless of our preferences,
we shall be respectful towards one another. Nimer did hit it on the money,
as our messages we post reflects our image as a whole. Great post nimer!


From: [] On Behalf Of Nimer
Sent: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 6:37 PM
Subject: [nvda] Owner's Notes, Please Read Updated

Sorry, I pressed send too early...

Hello everyone,
I come to you with a couple of things, and I hope you will read this in its
entirety. If you have any questions, please submit them to <> and I will
be happy to help you, as will Gene.
First, all of us, every single person, represents ourselves in each post we
choose to write publicly. We choose how we are portrayed, and the image we
want others to see. In that same light, if we choose to participate in a
community of members, we represent that community to the outside world,
particularly as all messages are viewable publicly and are archived fo,r all
to read at a time of their choosing. As members of the NVDA community, we
represent not only ourselves, but also NVAccess, and the blindness community
as a whole. Whether we choose to or not, this is how it is.
I write all of that to say that each message you write should be written
with care and attention to this fact. It is not acceptable to write messages
disparaging the VFO group or any other competitor by calling them by
offensive names, or in any way bashing other products or manufacturers.
Whether you or I or anyone else likes JAWS is irrelevant to this list, and
moreover writing about JAWS and calling it by names other than what it is
will not be permitted.
Second, the topic of this list is NVDA. We all are here to learn from one
another, to help one another, and to participate in the NVDA community. The
topic is NVDA, and talking about how good JAWS is or how bad it is does not
relate to NVDA. I have been pretty lenient in allowing some off-topic posts
as I believe the list, by in large, self-moderates, and because some debate
is healthy, and because the conversations on here, whether they relate to
NVDA or not, can be helpful to list members, so long as it does not detract
from the purpose of the list, and it does not attack other companies, or
their products, and it remains respectful of all list members. to that end,
how good or bad any competitor is not relevant to this list... it definitely
is not relevant and will not be permitted with associated name calling.
Please, show respect of each other, NVAccess, the wider NVDA community, the
blindness community, and any competitor to NVAccess.

Now, let me be extra clear. Any member bashing JAWS by calling it by other
names, anyone who does this with any NVAccess competitor, and anyone who
shows disregard and harms the reputation of NVAccess and this community
continually will face no less than a ten-day posting ban, possibly longer.
The second offense will result in a permanent posting ban. I do not take
this step lightly. I will most likely invite you to an off-list chat first,
but this is something that will be taken seriously.

Finally, posting about the jeffsdream site or whatever it is, and posting
about illegal text-to-speech engines is very strictly prohibited. If I see a
thread where this takes place, or something like this is brought to my
attention, it will receive an immediate permanent ban. no illegal software
of any kind will be discussed on this list. I am one person, and if you read
this message and see a thread where this occurs, please notify me
immediately by sending a message to and I or Gene
will immediately lock the thread, and ban the member permanently. I do not
wish to say anymore about this.

Nimer Jaber, NVDA Community List Owner



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