Re: NVDA Country Subgroups


hello i dont agree with local groups for many reasons.
if for example we only participate in our language subgroup farsi, we
miss the informations and knowledge which the people provide for
example in english group etc.
all people have only access to there local group in there own language
and miss other useful informations in other groups.
moreover, one group (our current group) is the best option, because:
1- we can benefit of knowledge and help of all people who use nvda in
the world, can find answer faster and easier.
2- english is an international language that most people can
understand and communicate with each other around the world.
3- the informations and help that we provide for each other, are
archived and anyone can access and benefit.
4- we can help more people and be useful for more people in the world
for two reasons. first the group which all people can join and help
each other,
and second the archive which can be useful for even the people who did
not join in the group, because they can search in the google and find
answer for there problems!
hope that help, God bless you all!

On 10/4/17, Florian Ionașcu <> wrote:
Hello Vlad and Adriani.
I'm also Romanian, I live in Buzău.
we have not sent you but as a mercy to the entire creation.
holy quran, chapter 21, verse 107.
in the very authentic narration from prophet Mohammad is:
indeed, imam husayn is the beacon of guidance and the ark of salvation.
best website for studying islamic book in different languages

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