Re: Using skype app on Windows 10 with NVDA, any tips?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>


I just had a look through the whole app and could not really see any thing for the sounds. I did see under the user profile section a link which was called settings where you could do your speakers camera and mic if you have them installed.
Only my speakers were hooked up so did not test the other 2 in the app but guess they would work.

it seems usable but have not tested it with any one as i use the desk top version of which there is a tutorial for on my website.

Apart from tabbing etc to get to the different parts of the app I would have to see if any of the old shortcuts would work but the old alt + 1 and alt + 2 ones do not. I do not think at present you can get to a section quickly with a shortcut but will look up.
I might have a bit of a play in the next day or so and maybe see what might come together .

Gene nz


On 10/4/2017 5:34 PM, John Isige wrote:
Hi all. I'm not actually new to the list, I used to be on the old list as John Schucker, but I went and got married and changed my last name.

Anyway, my question is about using skype on Windows 10, naturally. Since I have a laptop, I uninstalled skype for desktop to try out the new skype, since NVDA with Win 10 app essentials reads it. I can do most things I think, but was wondering if anybody had any tips or answers to a few questions.

1. Does it start when Windows starts automatically? I see no setting.

2. Speaking of settings, are there settings, and if so, how do you access settings for the app?

3. How do you get notifications to stick around? I'm pretty sure I have mine set to display for 30 seconds, but when I get one, and I try to switch windows to see it, I see no other windows. I think I'd like them to stick around until I close them so that I can see if new messages have come in if I'm away from my computer. Or is there a better way to check that?

4. Skype doesn't minimize to the system tray when you minimize it, is there a way to make it do that? I don't feel like having a window open all the time just in case somebody sends me a message.

5. Does it not do sounds anymore? I hear no sound if I send a message, for example.

I think I had another question or two but I can't remember, and these seem more than enough to start with. Basically this is an experiment for me, so I'm curious to know if anybody's using the app version, I assume it's skype preview? Once I uninstalled "skype for desktop" I just had skype. I haven't tried calling anybody or adding people to calls or anything like that. So I'd be very interested in tips on switching from desktop to whatever's in Win 10, if anybody's done it.

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