Re: Using skype app on Windows 10 with NVDA, any tips?

John Isige

Thanks! Speakers and microphone are good to know at least, as I have multiple sound devices. I suspect I'll end up going back to desktop, but thought I'd try it since NVDA is working with it and they actually put all the features in, finally. It used to be that you couldn't send files, among quite a few other things, from the Windows app version.

Oh in case one of the other people who replied to me is reading this, sorry I can't remember your name, I think skype for business is part of Microsoft Office/Office 365. I think it's focused on more group stuff, because I think my wife's work is considering using it in place of whatever meeting/teleconferencing software they currently have. That's about what I know though. This is just the skype app that comes with Windows 10.

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