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Martin Thomas Swaton

hi everybody,

@gene the skipped block was exactly the one I mentioned in my example "haha and the next line with just now and so on"

so it is not a really short block, as it has two lines and some words in the second line.

this block must not be skipped

@brian yes I guess it is. firefox did update some days ago and made me switch over from my old screenreader to nvda for every day use. until now i was switching between the two screenreaders regularly. now i am using nvda all the time and because of that try to improve the workflow.


@zahra thanks again, I guess there are more than we, that would like this behaviour and more users that are facing that "blank" problem when using "n" but did not realice it really.

@gene it is not possible to use some other shortcut in many cases, because pages often only have link and non-linked text and no other elements that could be used  to jump to the next object/area of interest.

e.g. in the example of the facebook messages page I gave. But also on many other webpages or rss feeds to read news, where the non-linked text block is the only block that exists after the links above it.

so a relyable jumping to non-linked text would be really important.

As I missed a lot of text in the last few days because of this bug, that nvda is not reading every unlinked txt



Am 04.10.2017 um 09:23 schrieb zahra:

hello martin i completely agree with you i also love to hear all of
the content of one object not only the first line.

i also agree with you in your sentences

if this is nothing everyone sees this way and wants to have to be able
to read more comfortable, why not add a checkbox in the settings:
"read whole object when jumped to"
then everybody could decide to hear only the first line, as it works
now, or the whole textblock/list/...

i tried n twice and nvda only says blank in the messages which i
recieve in my gmail.
i cant understand the reason for my problem.

God bless you.

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Is this the new 64 bit version of Firefox by any chance?

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Hi once more

no I found out that there not even have to be special characters in the
non-linked-textblock and nvda still does ignore/skip some blocks.

currently I had a conversation that looked like that:

link name1


Just now
link name2

Just nowSent from Web
link name1


where textline 1 and 2 are read by pressing "n" and the "haha" block is
simply ignored allthough it is placed between two link lines.

I think this is not as expected.


Am 03.10.2017 um 00:19 schrieb Martin Thomas Swaton:

Am 03.10.2017 um 00:04 schrieb Quentin Christensen:
Just to clarify, is it treating the smiley emoticon as a graphc (and
therefore the text before is one nonlinked text element, then the
graphic element, then another nonlinked text element)?
no, it really is just text.
but I am not sure how consistent this behaves.

had the same with "hm..."
but only further down in the thread, when it got up in the thread it
was recognized as text (non linked)

so there might be a second trigger, that I could not figure out until

so fact is, if there are some special characters (not grafical items,
just text) it may be handled as something else than "not linked text".


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Also, n should not do two separate things, as you are asking.
How does n know what you want? You often intentionally want to
use n to skip to the next block of nonlink text if you don't want
to hear the block you have used the command to skip to. You can
make a case that, if you have already started speak all, that n
should skip to the next nonlink text and resume reading. But
having n skip to the next nonlink text and then, when pressed
again, read that entire block, is a very bad idea. N does one
thing and should do one thing, skip to the next nonlink text.
Whether continuous reading occurs after you skip may be offered
as the behavior when speak all has been executed before using n.
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*Subject:* [nvda] bug in browsemode


I guess I discovered a bug in the behaviour of nvda in the

using the shortcut "n" to jump to the next unlinked text on a
does not work correctly when there are special characters in a
text line.

steps to reproduce:

e.g. go to m.facebook website -> messages -> friend-name

to open a thread.

in this thread you can jump to the text you and your friend wrote

if you type "*smile*"

or similar on a line

this line will be ignored by "n" and you will jump directly to
the next
"normal" textline.

This should absolutely not be the case, as you miss normal text
of this bug.

a second problem with "n" is, that not the whole text block is
read on
this keypress - but the next "n" press jumps to the next block of
and does not read the rest of the current block

because of this second block you always only hear the first line
of a
textblock when using "n"

so you cannot read a text with this shortcut, you only get the dirst
line of every block and then have to use other reading shortcuts
to read
on, which does not make any sense.

hope this two bugs can be confirmed and hopefully be fixed



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