Re: Slightly OT: Is there a way to tell if a Windows update is a major upgrade?


My definition of a major feature update as opposed to a "regular" update is that a major update causes a change in Version number while all others change only the bulld number (a "big" regular) or the dot number on a current build number (a "small" regular).

I don't know of a simple way to differentiate between these three types other than keeping your ear to the ground regarding which KB numbers are for the major feature updates and paying attention to what's downloaded before restart.

If ever there were a reason, and a very good one, to complain to a vendor the inanity of forcing a relicensing of application software because the Windows 10 version, build, or build dot number changes is at the top of the list.  There is absolutely no reason for doing this and virtually no one does.  Why an assistive technology maker would do so is a complete mystery.

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