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Windows 10 upgrade: you'll see posts on Win10 forum (not this list) about
all this.



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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for this preview. I recently signed up to the windows insiders
group, and am looking to get a copy of the fall creators update. I went to
the install link on the website, and I guess it installs in the background
because I can seem to find out if it is installing or not is there a way to
tell that you are getting it? I have several clients that will be upgraded
on the 17th when it comes out, and I kind of want to get the jump on things
so that I can be ready for their questions about new changes and what
effects they will have on their use of windows 10 with the latest version of
NVDA. All help and guidance appreciated my friend. Thanks much.


On 7/9/2017 4:07 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi NVDA community,

In case you want to know what's happening in Windows 10 development (and a
treat for those who'd like to hear what Windows OneCore voices sound like),
here's an overview of things included in latest Windows 10 preview build.

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Subject: [win10] Audio guide: Windows Insider Preview build 16232 guide

Hi all,

Another item in Windows 10 build progression series, this time on build
16232 is now up:

Topics covered include:

* My People
* GPU activity tracking in Task Manager
* Narrator user guide
* Brief overview of new braille support improvements
* Cloud-based image recognition service
* Always on scan mode
* Control+Windows+N to open Settings/Ease of Access/Narrator
* Settings/Cortana category and other changes
* Settings/System/About and Remote Desktop configuration changes
* Status messages for individual updates in Windows Update
* Settings/Privacy/App requested downloads
* Full screen mode in Edge
* Changing URL's of favorites
* Volume mixer and universal apps
* Dictating text in edit fields such as Notepad
* Emoji panel and keyboard-based emoji entry and search
* Controlled folder access in Windows Defender Security Center

Briefly mentioned:

* Windows Subsystem for Linux does not require developer mode
* Grouping app windows in Task Manager
* Fluent design system
* Mixed reality and teleportation
* Video playback settings in Settings app
* Windows 10 Mobile in maintenance mode
* Windows Insider Program for Windows Server
* Changes to branch names (e.g. Current Branch is Semi-Annual Pilot)

In addition, the following topics could not be covered due to time
constraints (today's audio guide is an hour long one):

* Input learning in Narrator (Caps lock+1)
* Full extent of braille options in Narrator
* Cortana interaction changes
* OneDrive files on demand
* Windows Sonic for Headphones (mostly dealing with hardware setup
* Pinning websites in Edge to taskbar
* Read aloud in PDF's and books in Edge
* Power throttling (hardware setup required)
* Windows Hello (hardware setup required)
* Beam/Mixer broadcasting (don't have an active Xbox Live account)


* In the beginning of the guide I state that the last guide was on
build 15048, but it was 15042.
* I wanted to give a word about my impression of Fall Creators Update
but ran out of time. Similarly, I could not include upgrade advice for same




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