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That I can agree on.
At least I would aggree on it in most cases.
However to change it also depends at what stage you are and what you do that requires a change.
Its for instance more than likely that until my current computer dies and maybe into the forseeable future that I will be using the same programs if not same versions of some of them at least to do my tasks which are not that much.
With no business prospects on the rise I have uninstalled my outdated office xp and use jarte pluss.
I have firefox and thunderbird, vlc, winamp, cd burner xp, audacity and goldwave as well as 7zip and some gaming apps.
This configuration has not changed for years and will probably continue to be that way.
Mixed with this I have a video suite which I use on and off, and abbyy ocr suite and a couple other things.
On my dad and brother's side they do use office so may or may not eventually have to change.
Allready my brother can not use 2013 office due to his video card and old specs.
On the other hand my dad's high performance new unit just brought will probably carry him to the end of his life.
As to changing system, for me, the change has to mean something.
dos to windows 95.
windows 95 to 98.
windows 98 to xp.
xp to 7.
Big changes.
78 well I don't know.
At this point there needs to be a sepperation here.
I have not updated to the touch environment, the app environment etc I am still on the desktop environment and have no planns to upgrade.
But that will be the next step.
Neither do I use ms clouds but I use social networks and clouds of other previders.
So in short I'd need to see a reason to change that would mean my life or others would benifit.
Security is one thing but security is always a thing.
I'd have to not be able to source what I needed , and to be honest what I need doesn't have to be that new.
I do want to eventually et a quad system ssd and hdd hybrid unit like my uncle has, a 2gb videocard and a few other things but thats about all.
Its likely to be honest that what I will probably eventually do is just go back to xp and use linux or something to continue tasks so I can avoid fiddling with windows directly if it ever got that bad I guess.
Now if everyone moved then obviously I'd look to do that.
Ofcause if I could avoid updating things at expence all the time I moved, ie my comercial screenreader and other things that would happen a bit faster.
I have updated all hardware but want to put a futher 600 dollars into my internet setup before continuing on with things.
I do know an old system we got in 2011 is due for a upgrade but over that I am not sure.
My system itself has a few problems and is due for a reformat but since the issues are not where I need them or are things I need right now or in fact are anything I need to worry about and since they have not gotten worse it stays as it is.
With the event of talking dosbox I think my next jump will be to true 64 bit os though on the other hand, I use little to no apps which use all my resources on 32 bit I have anyway.
This situation is only because the waggon is not moving, and I don't have a place to go, I am sure if it was I would be the driver.
I have people family like my grandpa still on xp, in fact due to his age he has quit using a computer fully.
I have others that are well to poor to afford the latest system let alone the latest windows.
And yes while they have the latest win10 free upgrade now, if they update to another system its likely they will be using their xp/vista/7 disks they own because they can't afford the changes.
If I was like that with change I'd be upgrading to a new version of jaws pro just so it works with my new system and I have bragging rights.
I am absolutely sick of those that think change needs to happen, without a reason a change no matter what it is should really be thought through.
Again I am a old device user, and once I get a chain of dabblets I may think differently but at the moment my wheels are stuck in the mud and there is no shifting them.

On 20/04/2016 6:03 a.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
Hi, Peter,

I'm not saying that people have to drive around in cars that are ten years old. All I'm saying is that eventually a person has to adjust to change even though it's hard. A friend of mine upgraded to windows 7 last year. She got her computer from a place in Texas called Computers for the Blind and it has windows 7 on it. I think she only paid over a hundred dollars for it. If she had to buy it from a computer store, it would have been more expensive and she wouldn't have been able to afford it. I do understand that not everybody can go out and buy the latest and the greatest at a store but there are ways to get a computer through a place like Computers for the Blind.


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Does this mean then that noone should be driving aroud in cars that are 10 years old.

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Hi, Brian,

You bring up some very good points here. I was talking to a friend the other day and he said he wishes he could go back to windows XP. I asked him why and his answer was that it was simpler to work with. He's a great example of someone who wants to stay in the stone age so to speak. I tried to suggest that he upgrades to windows 10 but he doesn't want to. Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.


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Pete wrote, "It's kind of like the whole e-mail thing with people wanting to use outlook express except people keep telling them to use Thunderbird or Microsoft outlook or window live mail or some thing like that."

This isn't a "freedom of choice" issue, it's a simple fact of life that certain programs, Outlook Express being one example, effectively cease to exist when official support ends. No one is guaranteed, nor should they expect, that anything that they're using will be available in perpetuity.

I discourage people from using Outlook Express because the only existing versions available are hacks based on who knows what code base and with what vulnerabilities. Since e-mail clients constantly interact with the internet this is a real concern.

While such a concern is not present regarding voice synthesis, things will come, and go, in that arena as well. There is very likely going to come a point where you, for any you, have to let go of something you're used to because it is not being supported or carried forward. Getting used to this, even though it's painful, is essential in the cyber world unless you want to drive yourself crazy. I've seen a lot of people over the years who have expended far more energy trying to hold on to something than would have been expended to learn the new that's available to them.



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