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Two thoughts, get your father to attempt to get to the menu to select the start up mode. differs on different machines, but a function key during switch on. Normally windows will present you with a last known good and then take it back. Otherwise your sighted help needs to either restore a recent back up or if system restore is turned on, go back to prior to the problems. it sounds like a typical corrupted registry to me, and it can be almost impossible talk of a. Do you have a recovery disk made recently on a cd/dvd or stick?
This is the first thing I make after any bit update to windows. it will need sighted help, but boot that in which in some cases means tweaking the bios for boot up order and use that tool to find a good places to go back to.

There are no guarantees as some here will tell you, and reinstalling windows and everything else can be the only fix, but if you are careful and only do one thing at a time, ie don't burn your bridges by going for the draconian fix first, then in the main it seems to be a situation Windows can get back from.
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Hello List,

So, my Windows 10 is really pitching a fit! This all started when I had to forse shut down my win10 machine using the power butten, because of a total system hang. Then, I turned the machine back on. But NVDA did not come back to life. I tried turning on Narrator, and it wouldn't talk.
So I asked my dad to come and look at my screen. According to him, even when I pressed keys on the keyboard, the log in box wouldn't appear.
I've tried ctrl alt del, I’ve tried rebooting, nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a radio show in two days, and I have no backup machine.


Noah Carver

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