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Gees you guys again with espeak.
Espeak is a robit bit of crap.
However its quite clear, no low quality voices.
Its good for a high performance small form facter synth.
I have grown to like it over even my higher quality synths.
Its an internal library.
I do think nvda needs to come with more opensource synths to it though.
I'd like the speechplayer to continue development and thats maybe where we should put our efforts.
Gwmicro has its own dectalk, freedom scientiffic has eloquence.
supernova has orpheus.
We have espeak which is what linux uses.
We are opensource, so espeak is a standard.
So are things like flite which is total junk, and festival//festvox which I am not sure about and piko.
For those complaining about an opensource synth try writing one.
Espeak for what it is actually is not that bad once you get used to it.
True its robotic, but its clear, high enough quality especially for small speakers and headsets, can run on almost anything from a single cored 128mb ram unit to the latest unit on the market.
Its an internal dll, its stable and hardly if ever crashes.
The only thing of concern is that development has stopped for it maybe I am not sure, point is just about every opensource program from linux to some free things use it.
Its not a reading synth but its good for general every day tasks.
You can'
't have everything.
Or do you want something that is not robotic, that sounds bad quality and not clear, that crashes constantly, maybe makes windows unstable that every few days you have to reformat.
Do you want something which to get the version that works you need to pay for it.
The only other synth that could be that fast is flite and thats totally bad.
Saying that if anyone has other things thats fine.
Espeak for me is a signature synth, but maybe we should focus on either the espeak extention for speech player or the speechplayer 1 development and work on making our own synth.
Ofcause we could just have no synth at all, and use sapi/speech platform which is probably doable especially where windows is going.
Be happy with what you have.
Espeak is a crappy robotic thing but its outwayed by its performance and stability and use on other things like linux.
I am sick of those that think we should change, its worked and its good for what it is.
As an network admin I actually like it, a fast startup is key to a good opperation I don't want to wait for a synth to start up especially with activations/errors.
Anyway no one says you need to stay on the base thing and this is what espeak is, the base synth.
It is what it is.
There was a servey done about speech, maybe to refresh those new ones on here there needs to be another one online and on the list.
Maybe that needs to be done.
I am concerned that there are those that will say this thing needs to be changed and don't realise how hard it is to make something like this.

On 20/04/2016 6:26 a.m., Lino Morales wrote:
Yeah we just need to convince James and Michael to do away with ESpeak
for good. I'm sorry, but now NVDA is 10 now its time to find aother open
source sulutions for a default synth. I've made this argument before and
I'm gonna hound for more change cause there people like my wife who
aslso blind and has progressive hearing loss that synths like ESpeak
won't do. Its not worth spending the money to buy Vocalizer for twoo
separate people.

On 4/18/2016 6:37 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Yes indeed. Whis was why I tried to choose my words very carefully on
the reply to the thread, but I think it went over the heads of many.

I always donate when a new stable version comes out, and if anyone
wants to say, the project needs x to do then I also donate according
to what I think I can afford.

The thing about Eloquence is, at least from my very limited experience
with other people this.
Most older users who migrated from Jaws, seem to like eloquence, most
new users of computers prefer something that sounds more human, or of
course they can now mix and match as they like. What you should not do
is install hacked versions of anything, as it does take away money
form somebody who is trying to make a living. If its too much then
just don't get it. we are spoiled for choice with voices these days,
and its up to the individual to decide if they need a non free one to
aid their comprehension.

Though I do still have an old version of Via Voice here on some
computers, I just don't like the eloquence type of sound, so I hardly
ever use it, and have not bought a copy. However, some of the other
voices like Daniel and Serena I have purchased over the years and find
them very got for reading documents, with the one proviso of them
using expanded US abbreviations like St for saint and NY for new York,
which are rather silly when encountered in normal text!


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Eloquence for NVDA from Code Factory

Ladies and gentlemen,

Until a few months ago, discussion of Eloquence wasn't allowed on this
list. This was relaxed last summer when Code Factory released
Eloquence add-on. Back then, Nimer and I (Nimer being the actual list
owner) said discussion of illegal version isn't still permitted.
At this point, it would be advisable to suspend Eloquence discussions
for a while. We cannot risk giving NVDA a slightly muddy reputation at
this important occasion: NVDA's tenth anniversary and NVDACon. Please
don't forget this: the reputation of a product, particularly a product
that many of you depends on, depends on what users say about the
product and the discussions surrounding it.
For those new to this list: I'm known for being generous. However, I'm
also known for being a volcano, especially if the integrity of the
list or the reputation of a product or a community is questioned. I'll
not activate moderation flag for anyone out of respect for everyone
and for newbies to get accustomed to this environment.
For our old friends: Yes, I am indeed serious, more serious now that
we're about to help NV Access celebrate NVDA's tenth birthday. Not
only I'm speaking on behalf of moderators, but as one of the planners
of NVDACon 2016 (I am indeed the chair of the planning committee), I'd
like to kindly request that we care about reputation of NVDA, NV
Access and this community. These days, what gives me more stress isn't
the question of who will succeed me or success of NVDACon, but the
reputation and future of this community for months and years to come.
What gives me more joy is to see you all become folks who can think
about what's going on and make informed decisions (yes, that's the
reason why I've proposed certain proposals in the past).
In conclusion, I do know I will not be able to sleep tonight, but
believe I need to say this: NVDA community, specifically this forum,
is facing a crisis: misinformation abounds and passion trumps reason
at times. We're suffering from a disease called "misinformation" -
what is illegal being seen as legal, people not being informed as to
what's available to them when they need it, name calling at times and
so forth (as I mentioned in my blog, I will not accept name calling).
Being passionate about something is good, but it is better to think
about what's going on before defending one's arguments. In other
words, contrary to what we've said about this forum to the outside
world, we're at times known for doing the opposite.
Lastly, in regards to free material: there is no such thing as free
lunch. I do need to say this in public: NVDA isn't technically free.
For the benefit of many, NVDA is made available as a free, open-source
and community-driven screen reader. But there are costs associated
with this project. Please stop now and imagine for a second: imagine a
group of developers who have decided to promote equal access to
technology at no additional costs, using their talents to give
opportunities for someone who lives in poverty somewhere. NVDA is more
than a screen reader now: it's a movement, and workers deserve their
wages - support, encouragement, opportunities and so on.
Thank you.

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Why do people talk about it? They can, and I don't consider it against
the rules of the list since the add-on, the alternative if you like to
call it is available and accessible from within the add-on list of NVDA.

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On Apr 17, 2016, at 9:33 PM, mk360 <mk.seventhson@...> wrote:


I can pay, but the first condition is that the paid versions works as
fine or better that the alternative, and as reviews as been said,
that is not the case.
However, I know that in the list we can't speak about that
alternative, so I don't understand why the people speak about it.


El 17-04-2016 a las 8:04, Greg Wocher escribió:
I want to give those of you who use the illegal eloquence add on
some food for thought. When you do it and proudly proclaim that you
do, you give NVDA and its users a bad reputation. I think I may
purchase the Code Factory add on later this afternoon from AT Guys
and I will let you all know if it gets rid of the choppiness.

Greg Wocher

On 4/17/2016 5:32 AM, Peter Beasley wrote:
My sentiments exactly.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] Question Regarding Eloquence for NVDA from Code

I have been using the old add-on of eloquonce someone made, and I
am not going to pay for a program that does essentially the same
thing. The add-on I am talking about works so fast and reliably.

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On Apr 17, 2016, at 6:22 AM, Kelly Sapergia
<ksapergia@...> wrote:


Recently, there was a discussion about alternative voices for
NVDA, such as Code Factory's add-on with Eloquence and Vocalizer.
I mentioned that when I tried this particular product, I noticed
that Eloquence sounded quite choppy compared to other screen
readers and other synths I have for NVDA on my machine running
Windows 7.
I also never experienced this with Code Factory's SAPI 5
Anyway, I got thinking about it this evening, and decided to do
some searching to see if anyone else was experiencing similar
issues. I found a thread about the add-on in the old NVDA list's
archive, and saw a message stating that the choppiness would go
away once the product was paid for. I was just wondering if this
is indeed the case? If yes, it's not what I'd consider the best
way to limit a trial version, but I might buy it after all.


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