Re: Slightly OT: Is there a way to tell if a Windows update is a major upgrade?

Sarah k Alawami

I've ben running the builds since I think July. You will love what you see actually. It is fast and very very stable. This is on a production machine.

Take care

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You are allowed to go back also for a few days. It normally mangles some software if my previous experience is anything to go by, so I generally back those up first!

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Well you can always set feature updates to about a year before they do what they do so you have time to do when you wish.

and if you know one is coming you can turn off updates for a month just remember that to do that again waindows will have to get the latest update and install it else you won't be able to update or anything after a month or during it and your system will remain unable to install or update anything.

However if you need that extra breathing room then I'd do that.

For me on a win10 pro system, the update will officially come on a day where I don't want to.

I will probably set the feature updates to a year, or something which means I can do the update at a time of my choosing manually.

On 5/10/2017 11:07 a.m., John Isige wrote:
Hi all. The recent posts about Win 10 made me think of this. I'm running Code Factory Eloquence. They say for major upgrades you should unlicense it and relicense after the upgrade's done, and I actually had to contact them about this for one of the major updates, anniversary or creator's. Is there some way to tell if an update is major? Mostly I see updates when I shut down, "update and shut down" pops up. It would be nice not to have to stop and go unlicense for every update.


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