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I never thought that the ocr could read stuff from youtube pictures and the like

I watch a youtube gamer called

stacy plays

she does tons of minecraft games and some minecraft mods
fore the most part she describes everything that she is doing but there are a few times when she doesn't and so I will have to try the ocr feature
On 10/5/2017 12:59 AM, Kostadin Kolev wrote:

Hello Quentin and all,

Quentin, I'm very happy that the NV Access team can meat up in person. The team of the small firm that I work for here in Bulgaria (at the moment there are somewhere between 10 and 20 people on our team) is also scattered around the country and we also communicate with each other via internet and phone. This summer however, the firm has managed to organize two seminars for team building and we were able to meat with each other. I was very happy to meat with most of my colleagues at those seminars, so I know what the feeling is.

And now to two examples of good usage that I was able to find for the Windows 10 OCR feature in NVDA.

The first one is with images with text in them on the internet. In Facebook, I'm subscribed to a bulgarian Facebook group for jokes and humor. In some cases, the participants there post jokes the text of which is written in images. That was making them unreadable with a screen reader. But not anymore, thanks to the Windows 10 OCR functionality in NVDA. Now all I have to do is move the browse mode cursor to the image with text in it, press NVDA+R, wait a few seconds and then read the result. Since the text in most cases is in bulgarian, by default I set the Windows 10 OCR language in the NVDA preferences to "Bulgarian" and change it to english if needs be.

The second example is with text in videos. I personally don't have enough vision left to be able to play games efficiently, so I have to settle with watching videos in YouTube played by other gamers. In some of those games, the character picks a note for example. Probably because the note is handwritten, the game displays it in an overlay on the screen in printed text (in most cases on a darker background with lighter color for the text). Sometimes the YouTube gamers do read the text of the note, but not always. It would be hard for me to read such notes on my own. In one of the last such games that I've watched, my favorite YouTube gamer - DanQ8000 - did not read most of those notes for some reason. I was just going to ask him to do it for the future videos, when I realized what else I can do to read those notes on my own. And that is - use the Windows 10 OCR in NVDA to do it. So, I've switched the OCR language to english (since the text of the notes was in english); switched the video to full screen mode (I usually watch it that way); paused the video to the spot where the note is displayed; pressed NVDA+R and when the result was ready, I've read it. The OCR accuracy was good enough, so I did not had troubles understanding the meaning of the text.

So, big thanks go to NV Access and Microsoft for this wonderful OCR functionality!

P.S.: In my observations, the accuracy of the Windows 10 OCR is much better from the one provided by the additional add-on, specially for bulgarian. That is why I prefer the Windows 10 OCR in comparison with the additional OCR add-on for NVDA.

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 5.10.2017 г. в 2:54, Quentin Christensen написа:
Hi everyone,

This week's In-Process is out, featuring NV Access in Melbourne, avocado juice, and a practical exercise in using OCR.


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