Re: NVDA AND CCleaner No speech on win 7 after clean issue.


I'm not sure what you are saying about Avast.  The malware was in the program itself, not in Avast.  I believe the company that owns Avast now owns CCleaner but Avast itself had nothing to do with the problem.

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Well maybe they saw sence then.

On the malware effected version and the version after, I got avast,
maybe they realised how much of an actual issue avast actually was or at
least I hope so.

interestingly enough the malware only effected 32 bit systems.

I had 1 of these with the effected version without auto moniter on and I
did do a full malwarebytes scan and found nothing.

Its good the potential attack was removed but sadly there are a lot of
supposed news sites that are blowing this all out of proportion.

 From the ccleaner blog it looked like the malware payloads were never
activated and were detected early.

The issue was fixed, end of story.

Yet there are many so called sites saying you should reformat and
reinstall windows and that you should either use the latest ccleaner or
use their own probably scareware filled program instead.

I did go through a full malware scan on the 1 effected 32bit system I
owned and within 30 minutes found that in fact there was no problem.

As far as I am concerned the hack happened when ccleaner went with avast.

And the easiest solution to fix this is to have piriform leave avast
completely as ccleaner never got hacked before that.

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> I don't see avast on the one I downloaded last week. Maybe you get
> this if you use the payed for versions.
> Brian
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>> None have malware, the latest versions do have avast but if you are
>> carefull to read the boxes you can uncheck it and its not exactly
>> malware though its sneakily put in.
>> It is interesting to note though that after the ccleaner hack that
>> was removed and I do wander that with the introduction of avast if
>> someone managed to partly hack the routeens.
>> CCleaner was fine before avast came in, it got hacked when avast came
>> in.
>> If I were piriform I'd ditch avast and go back to where I was before.
>> They allready have google toolbars and the like and google previde a
>> lot more for what they take than avast does.
>> On 5/10/2017 9:33 a.m., Antony Stone wrote:
>>> Which version has malware?
>>> Antony.
>>> On Wednesday 04 October 2017 at 20:40:40, zahra wrote:
>>>> hello.
>>>> which version do you use exactly?
>>>> i asked because i am afraid that you use the version which has
>>>> malware!
>>>> On 10/4/17, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io
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>>>>> Well I'm using it on windows 7. Could I ask if its the 64 bit or
>>>>> 32 bit
>>>>> portable version?
>>>>>   I find the 64 bit one actually more reliable, andas long as you
>>>>> do not
>>>>> change the defaults its not mucking anything screenreader like up.
>>>>> I did
>>>>> of course download the version without the malware when prompted.
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>>>>> Subject: [nvda] NVDA AND CCleaner No speech on win 7 after clean
>>>>> issue.
>>>>>> Hi All
>>>>>> As per subject line suggests I get no speech after a clean
>>>>>> with the CCleaner program.
>>>>>> I have to restart the machine to get the speech back.
>>>>>> NVDA 2017.3
>>>>>> Win 7 Pro 64bit
>>>>>> CCleaner 5. a clean version
>>>>>> I run the cleaner on the default settings.
>>>>>> Any help?
> .

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