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Well a system hang could be many things.

The fact that it just did without warning suggests hardware.

But if a small fan failed you wouldn't know.

If a drive failed you may or may not hear it.

Chances are though that all you need do is hit enter to get things back.

One thing that the user should try.

if you use delete or whatever key that goes to the cmos does it do it.

If it does, if you use a live cd with linux or something does it load.

If the latter then I'll accept the windows issue.

Does the pc even turn on.

I had a server box I was working with, that had been hanging for ages, I turned it on to transfer all data to new hardware and it didn't power, I tried again, and it still didn't power.

Later on the shop confirmed the raid boards and more importantly the boards that were the keys to all the data on the drives were on fire.

We had to pay recovery to get the data.

However to be honest there is a good chance your data is still in tact.

Since windows manages drivers if it hangs you see something and it would restart.

I had a display card do this, run the system suddenly it hangs.

I did a restart, windows detected the display had hung the system, the error was intercepted by the driver software and sent to the right places, I was ordered to update the driver in fact was told how or rathr that there was a firmware bug and asked to patch it.

Chances are most stuff like that well who knows.

A sudden hang without any warning suggests that you have one of the following 3 failiers.

1.  psu or main power pack that can  happen.

Less commen is a bad cord though you would notice internal cords failing or something before that.

The processer failed.

That would actually smell if it did, the main fan needs to jam on a pc and you would hear that happening before it did.

The performance would go nuts same with a pc being full of dust.

I had a pc fail on me for that reason it had been racing with fans up to the max all day long and I had wandered about it I did clear it out but not before some stuff died in it and I had to replace it.

If a small fan failed well yeah I admit if that or your sync failed you wouldn't know about that till you actually noticed dammage.

A video card or other card failed, yeah they actually do fail.

You have bad ram, could happen like that ram does fail.

Your board could fail, this is less likely.

Your firmware has an issue.

This is not a problem if you can get it updated or reflashed and stuff.

Its unlikely you could have a virus or malware or any major software issue unless something is covered up that is.

Software could generated a critical stop so could drivers do of 0x000 which basically means something it did went beyond the capabilities of the processer like an overflow or something dumb, but there are so many checks thats almost nonexistant now.

If you didn't see smoke that doesn't mean the supply didn't just die.

I once had the main system fail, and hang then die, the only thing I heard was a small pop like when I get a fax.

If I was not in the same room as it I wouldn't have noticed.

On 6/10/2017 7:04 a.m., Gene wrote:
Consider what happened. With no previous report of problems, the system completely hung. It didn't reboot. We don't know what, if any errors were on screen. All this is pure speculation as to causes, corrupted files, the registry, whatever people want to speculate about. Why would a properly functioning system suddently completely hang and then not reboot? Until we find out what, if any error messages are on screen and if Windows even tries to boot, this is all speculation. I suspect a hardware problem. Others suspect other causes. I consider it premature to advise any course of action without more information.


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The opposite can also be true, Most software messes with the registry, it
can cock it up on install, or on uninstall if it does not remember to
reregister any dll files it has changed or altered the classification of in
either case. Been there, done that got the T Shirt during xp days.
Its normally the dll files associated with the vearious access APIs that get
clobbered as the original developer probably never tested if screenreaders
wworked before passing the code for distribution. Brian

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Hello Noah,

I wenth through a very similar ordeal during the summer.

Sighted people could use the pc, but I couldn't. My husband tried fixing
Windows in all possible ways, with all possible tools. Nothing doing. We
couldn't even restore the pc.

We were two seconds away from formatting, when all of a sudden he
mentioned a couple of programmes that I said I didn't want to be
reinstalled. He removed one, and nothing happened. But when he removed
the other one (a Bible app I needed for a translation I was doing for
our church group), all got back to normal.

Make sure you haven't installed any software recently, which might have
interfered with NVDA, before you do anything dramatic like reformatting.

This is probably not your case, but better be safe than sorry, so I
shared it. It might help someone.



Il 04/10/2017 23:26, Noah Carver via Groups.Io ha scritto:
Hello List,

So, my Windows 10 is really pitching a fit! This all started when I had to
forse shut down my win10 machine using the power butten, because of a
total system hang. Then, I turned the machine back on. But NVDA did not
come back to life. I tried turning on Narrator, and it wouldn't talk.
So I asked my dad to come and look at my screen. According to him, even
when I pressed keys on the keyboard, the log in box wouldn't appear.
I've tried ctrl alt del, I’ve tried rebooting, nothing works. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. I have a radio show in two days, and I have
no backup machine.


Noah Carver

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