Re: question about comparison between current versions of nvda since 2017.1 about stability

John Isige

I'm running Firefox 56.0, NVDA 2017.3, and my only issue is that when you first start Firefox, if you use the arrows or move by headings or such, it seems to be slow for a few second, but then it clears up and everything's fine. I haven't had any issues with crashing or whatever.

On 10/6/2017 1:18, zahra wrote:
hello every one.
firefox browser is the most important program for me after nvda currently.
i wish that know between versions 2017.1, 2017.2 and 2017.3 of nvda
which one is the most compatible version using browsers specially
firefox in stability, not hang or crash without causing the problem
(not responding) for both nvda and browser?
i read nvda 17.2 hanged many times and some people requested link for
return to 17.1 after releasing 17.2
but i even heard that 17.3 hangs using browsers.
could you please share your experience with me in this regard?
i appreciate any help, specially from nvda expert users and developers.
God bless you and i sincerely pray for you every day.

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