Re: Issues with Windows 10 upgrades

Mallard <mallard@...>


that's the very first page I found too, and the very first thing we did, with my husband, but to no avail...

Goodness knows what is causing this thing.

The funny thing is, that my little, old packard Bell netbook from 2010 upgraded to 1703 without any issues whatsoever, even using my smartphone as a hotspot...



Il 05/10/2017 22:36, Gene New Zealand ha scritto:


As long as i entered in the right error code and did not leave any thing else i done a quick search and came up with this page at

Hopefully i copied the whole error code but it if it is this one looks like you need to update your audio driver or try some of the steps there.

Usually at times it is usually to do with a usb device.

Gene nz

On 10/6/2017 9:14 AM, Mallard wrote:
Well, I think we tried all possible troubleshooting tools and fixes available. Every time we were back to square one. A sort of "catch 22" situation. We were advised to restoer, but restore wouldn't work. we were advised to use a cd, but that told us there was an error (always the same error code!).

I'll try with the newer version as soon as it appears, but I'm afraid I'll have to stay on this 1607 thingy, unless I want to format the machine...

Ciao, thanks!


Il 05/10/2017 19:16, Randy Barnett ha scritto:
I have and it is a serious pain. Try the windows update troubleshooting tool. Just google it and then install it from MS.
If that dowsnt fix it there are some more advanced workarounds but Sometimes it is easier to just reinstall windows with the latest version.
On 10/5/2017 6:23 AM, Mallard wrote:
Hello all,

My machine (a desktop from HP, which was bought refurbished, and has 12GB of ram at the moment) doesn't seem to want to upgrade to Creator.
It has been attempiting to do the updates, but every time it says there's an error, and can't complete the procedure.

It gives me the following error:

Error: 0x8007001f

I searched for the code on teh web, and so did my husband, but we didn't come up with anything viable.

Has anyone, by any chance, experienced somehting like this, and how did you solve it, if you did at all?

Thanks, ciao,

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