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Ralf Kefferpuetz



I’m using remote Desktop connection for that scenarios. It requires the Pro version of Windows to be installed on your client for receiving connections.





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Subject: [nvda] Server / Client NVDA setup


Dear all,

I would like to start a discussion on the following:
I worked out some problems and I hope we cann find solutions which have already been proved or which could be realized with respect to optimized working setup of NVDA in different server / client environments. I am a new comer to this topic so I hope I can get here some helful suggestions.

1. I have one server and one client and I want to conduct an action on the client from the server machine (NVDA is bein installed only on server)
2. One server, one client; I want to conduct an action on the server machine from the client (NVDA either only on server or only on client)
3. Assume the same environment but NVDA is bein installed on both server and client
4. One server, one client; connect to the server remotely from the client and conduct an action on the client with NVDA being installed either only on client or only on server as if I did it directly from the server machine
5. Connect to the server remotely (without any clients) when NVDA is being installed only on my own computer.
6. Best practice when having more than one server and more than one client.

Thanks in advance for your ideas / suggestions.

Best wishes

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