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One answer is that, when something doesn't work as well as desired or perhaps not at all, such as a web page or a program installer or a program in terms of accessibility, try other screen-readers.  This doesn't necessarily have anything to do with scripts. 
I've seen times when one screen-reader works well or better with a web page than another screen-reader.  I've
also seen times when using another browser with the same and/or another screen-reader may produce better or much better results. 
At times, a program may be more accessible with one screen-reader than with another.
I don't just advocate having more than one screen-reader.  I advocate having more of any program such as a browser or a media player or whatever, where you are dissatisfied with one and find, through experimentation, that another will do something better.
For example, Winamp is better for easy navigation through a file and for jumping to a specific time in a file than Windows Media Player.  But Windows Media Player has an exceptionally good fast listening feature for speeding up speech and leaving the pitch the same. 
There may be other players that have as good an implementation but of the small number of players I've checked, Media Player is by far superior. 

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Quite right! I didn't mention many other screenreaders because, I suspect for many on the list, jaws is the other screenreader they're likely to install, at least, that's my recollection of people who've advocated for multiple screenreaders. Plus Narrator is built right into Windows, so you always have it whether you want it or not, so to speak.
You don't have to do anything particularly special about it, it's nothing you have to go and find and install.

I'm also not sure how fully-featured Narrator is, though I understand they're really working on improving it. I did see an older article the other day where somebody claimed to be using it as their primary screenreader, they were quite taken with the idea that it was the only one that worked with Microsoft Edge. But I keep hearing conflicting opinions, some say Microsoft intends for Narrator to be a full-fledged screenreader at some point, others say that's not what they're trying to do at all. But anyway, it wasn't my intent to slight Narrator, or any other screenreader for that matter. By all means, if you've got experiences with something that does something NVDA can't, in terms of accessibility to a particular program or something, I'd love to hear it.
The other day for instance, I saw reference to a screenreader called Cobra. I've never even heard of it before and have no idea if it's still being used, but if you use Cobra and it gave you access to an antivirus program NVDA doesn't, for example, I would love to hear about it.

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