Re: A question for users of multiple screenreaders.

Ian Westerland

Eric, multiple Screen Readers are extremely handy in cases where one Screen Reader is inadequate. An example has been banking where I found that one screen reader was way more efficient than several others.
One Screen Reader becomes a person's chosen or main screen reader through learning by use, and by experiencing tasks performed by each program.

Cost in terms of money is a consideration then,
the time taken to become familiar with the Screen reading program.
Is it worth the effort? In my experience as a person who was born totally blind, the answer is most definitely YES! particularly when that effort influences my level of independence.

Best regards

Ian Westerland

On 10/8/2017 8:18 AM, erik burggraaf wrote:
Multiple screen readers are not particularly useful, unless possibly you are a access technology trainer or assessor or someone who works in the industry. I guess one possible use case might be, your primary screen reader crashes. Then you need sound so you can figure out why the screen reader crashed, so you pull up your secondary screen reader and find out. I think it's interesting that the people who subscribe to the multiple screen readers are better idea also subscribe to the business of vote the market for screen readers and access Technologies being too small to keep the price point down. Mastering multiple screen readers is outside the scope of time effort and expense that most people are willing to put in. even considering the diverse feature sets strengths and weaknesses of the various window screen access products, I think most people would be best served by picking one and learning it well.
On October 7, 2017 3:56:01 PM "John Isige" <gwynn@...> wrote:
Hi all. Over the years I've heard several of you say that multiple
screen readers are a good thing, so much so that some have advocated
keeping demo copies installed, just in case. So I have a question. Can
you give specific cases where this is useful?
I ask this because I started using NVDA full time because I decided to
try it for a month. During that time, I ran into one or two things where
NVDA didn't read text, I think installers and the like but I can't
remember exactly, since it was like three or four years ago. I'd fire up
JFW, and it would produce the exact same results. That demonstrated, to
me at least, that I didn't get any real advantages out of running jaws.
Now don't misunderstand me. I'm not trying to start a fight here. I'm
not saying that jaws is bad or anything. I'm just saying that when I ran
into potential issues with NVDA, jaws didn't solve those issues either.
Since NVDA was doing everything else I wanted, I concluded that
switching wouldn't cause me to lose any access. So I'm curious to know
what things you might gain access to with jaws or another screen reader
that you can't get with NVDA. I suppose the obvious example would be
anything with jaws scripts, I don't know if things like Dolphin have
scripts or not. But I mean, I've just heard people advocate this, like
I've said, you know have a demo copy installed and stuff like that. So
I'd just like to hear of any specific cases where another screenreader
has helped. I think it would be really useful to know that kind of thing.

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