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Bhavya shah

Hi Ian,
the built in NVDA User Guide present in NVDA menu > Help submenu >
User Guide is extremely useful in understanding each and every feature
and functionality of NVDA. On top of that, as David has already
mentioned, community members like Gene from New Zealand with his
Accessibility Central resource, the other Gene/Jean with his Window
Eyes to NVDA switching text guide, etc. have produced high-quality and
comprehensive material for NVDA newbies. Permit me to also briefly
mention a blog post I had written a while ago on my personal Wordpress
blog Hiking Across Horizons (
titled "Top 5 NVDA Tips and Tricks You Need To Know " located at
This piece may teach you things about NVDA that are seldom overlooked
Good luck in getting acquainted to the not-so-different NVDA world!

On 10/8/17, David Moore <> wrote:
Welcome, Ian!
My name is David Moore, and I help out a lot on here!
I am not a moderator, but I answer any questions that have not been
answered, and I paste tutorials.
Gene NZ is a very important member of this group, and he has his own web
site with many NVDA tutorials on it, and many other tutorials to use other
programs with NVDA.
His web site URL is:
There is a link on there to learn the basics of NVDA with text and audio
There is the link for all tutorials for using NVDA with other programs.
Please ask any questions about using NVDA. In a year, I have gone to using
JAWS 80 percent of the time, to using NVDA 80 percent of the time, and JAWS
only 15 percent of the time, and Narrator 5 percent of the time.
NVDA works so well with the Windows 10 universal apps, it is like NVDA was
made for them. Narrator works great with many of the apps as well.
NVDA works the best in the Mail, Calendar, and People apps, NVDA works great
in Microsoft Edge, the News app, Weather app, and more. NVDA works as well
in Microsoft Edge as JAWS works in Firefox and Chrome.
NVDA works great in Chrome as well.
I encourage you to read chapters 4, 5, and 6 of the NVDA users guide in the
help menu.
You can navigate with the System focus, or PC cursor as it is called in
JAWS, or you can navigate where the system carot cannot go, with Object
navigation and screen review with the Review cursor. Chapter 5 will give you
all of the key commands for using the review cursor.
I have tutorials, including one on using Microsoft Edge!
Let me know if you would like any tutorials, and definitely get on Gene’s
web site that I gave you.
Take care, Ian, and welcome to a lot of help, and an awesome community.
David Moore
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From: Ian Westerland
Sent: Saturday, October 7, 2017 6:28 PM
Subject: [nvda] Introduction

Hello everyone.
I am new to NVDA but not to computer access via Screen reading programs.
NVDA has been my standbye program since last year with Window-Eyes
being my main program. I used Jaws also, but wasn't happy with it for
several reasons. So, here I am in the next stage of learning and
computer access and I look forward to asking questions, learning further
about what NVDA can do and, to contributing to the NVDA community
wherever possible.

My first impressions of NVDA? With just a little consentration, I can
use the basics and access my computer with very little disruption to
computerised daily tasks. That's good enough for me as I learn.

Good wishes to all.

Ian Westerland

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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