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Well I see what you mean, You want firefox instead. I think if I recall a version of Firefox is already on most new installs, and then you can update it after you have run it.

I'm surprised if its windows 10 its not defaulted to edge. IE is not bad , and is usable. Edge I found was a bit clunky to do stuff with.
If you are updating to firefox, don't go for anything over version 55 just now and try to keep it 32 bit, but that is just my mileage on this.

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On the other note, I prefer to download and save Firefox installer instead of IE 11 because I am not familiar with the keystroke command for saving the file to my machine. I appreciate your response. Thanks.

Robert Mendoza

On 10/7/2017 10:04 PM, Robert Mendoza wrote:
My computer has been formatted and the default browser installed to my machine is IE 11. I may ask what is the keystroke to save the file to my machine. Thanks!

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