Re: A question for users of multiple screenreaders.

Adriani Botez

I work with nvda in sap and it works great. Gor some purposes I an using jaws though, together with the screen reader extension which can be downloaded from the Sap market place and which is free.

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Am 08.10.2017 um 21:38 schrieb Arno Schuh <arno.schuh@...>:

Cobra is available since about 2009. Not from the 90s. It merged from Blindows (Frank Audiodata) and Virgo (from Baum Retec).
And if you use SAP applications at work you need somebody who can write the needed scripts to use the SAP applications of your employer.
Who does such things with NVDA? If possible at all to use NVDA with SAP.

Am Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017 20:08 schrieb Adriani Botez <adriani.botez@...>:

I have tried to work with Cobra, but it requires huge power. And I
think in Germany there is a really small group of people who use it,
especially people who began working with it in the 90s or so. Ther
are very rare updates on it, if so at all.

I have a Laptop with Intel Kabilake quadcore 3 GHZ, 16 GB Ram and one
Terabyte SSD hard disk and Cobra still causes big crashes on my
laptop when doing complex tasks. It happens when running jaws as well
but that may occure due to old pieces of code which have not
completely been removed from the source code yet. It is much better
though. NVDA does its job quite good without causing any crashes.

But for every day tasks, NVDA and Jaws are prety the same and crashes
are not occurring at all, or at least not caused by the


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Betreff: Re: [nvda] A question for users of multiple screenreaders.

I installed cobra, but I just couldn't get it to do anything useful.
It acted like a microsoft product, in that it took over everything,
(and I mean everything), I couldn't get out of it to do anything
else, even when I didn't want to use cobra, I had one heck of a time
getting it to go away so I could start NVDA. Plus, it's keystrokes
are all completely different, and I couldn't manage to get the hang
of it. It looks decent enough, other than the whole taking over your
machine and not allowing you to use anything else thing anyway, but
for me the experience wasn't a very good one, so I finally managed to
get it uninstalled, and I don't plan to try it again. Cobra is made
by a german company. I don't rmemeber what it cost (if I ever knew),
but the demo did not strike me as being the kind of thing I needed,
so I didn't bother to follow up with anything regarding cobra. Your
mileage may vary of course, andyou're of course encouraged to try it
out for yourself, don't just rely on my experiences.

On 10/7/2017 4:27 PM, John Isige wrote:
Quite right! I didn't mention many other screenreaders because, I
suspect for many on the list, jaws is the other screenreader they're
likely to install, at least, that's my recollection of people who've
advocated for multiple screenreaders. Plus Narrator is built right
into Windows, so you always have it whether you want it or not, so to
speak. You don't have to do anything particularly special about it,
it's nothing you have to go and find and install.

I'm also not sure how fully-featured Narrator is, though I understand
they're really working on improving it. I did see an older article
the other day where somebody claimed to be using it as their primary
screenreader, they were quite taken with the idea that it was the
only one that worked with Microsoft Edge. But I keep hearing
conflicting opinions, some say Microsoft intends for Narrator to be
a full-fledged screenreader at some point, others say that's not
what they're trying to do at all. But anyway, it wasn't my intent to
slight Narrator, or any other screenreader for that matter. By all
means, if you've got experiences with something that does something
NVDA can't, in terms of accessibility to a particular program or
something, I'd love to hear it. The other day for instance, I saw
reference to a screenreader called Cobra. I've never even heard of
it before and have no idea if it's still being used, but if you use
Cobra and it gave you access to an antivirus program NVDA doesn't,
for example, I would love to hear about it.

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