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Trouble is that increasingly the ways for displaying email are so numerous. Html is fine as far as it goes, but so many now have at the top. display in your web browser click here in them.
I won't have any truck with these herberts who cannot be bothered to send text versions or link to external web resources to get the pictures when you look at the email. I just either send them back or block them. Often they come in from list bots at some company or other and I normally send them a little note explaining why their default setting is crap.

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That‘s why I currently requested an add-on which would allow to navigate between embeded objects in browse mode in outlook by pressing a letter like in browsers. I hope that request is being processed from any skilled developer.

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Am 08.10.2017 um 21:29 schrieb Deborah Armstrong <debee@...>:

I'm editing a newsletter for an all-volunteer organization. Everyone keeps sending me pictures embedded in email rather than attachments.

My husband, who is sighted explained that they just drag and drop the picture in to the email and that's why it shows as part of the email rather than an attachment.

I have someone else doing the layout, but I'm frustrated that I might be missing some of the photos. I mean can I be absolutely sure that a screen reader will tell me when a photo is there and let me right-click on it to save it as a separate file?

I use Windows 10 mail, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird. I'm not entirely happy with any of them; I use Outlook and JAWS at work with fewer access glitches.

But at home it's NVDA and Narrator on Windows 10 with these clients.

What are thoughts from others on the list?


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