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The last few JAWS releases did not support the powerbrailles in serial. So, one had to get a parallel cable to use jaws. Newer computers no longer have parallel ports. Now, it seems that NVDA does not have drivers for the powerbraille or the alva. Hence, I wondered if there's a way to used some other software to drive those displays?


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I have a couple of the parallel port adaptors that plug into usb, and they seem to drive old printers fine. don't know about other things of course. I do have an rs 232 on my latest pc on a card and that seems to work fine as above. I guess it depends on how the Braille display uses it.

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Subject: [nvda] Old Braille Displays

Is anyone using NVDA with an older Braille Display? I have a couple of powerBrailles (a 40 and an 80) and an ALVA ABT-380. It seems that some of you might be using BrlTTY to drive your displays? I wonder if I could get some help getting started with this kind of a setup? I'm thinking of getting a peripheral card with a parallel port on it or getting a USB to RS-232 converter and wonder if anyone has experienced this kind of project?

Thanks, anybody.


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