Re: Getting NVDA to Talk without sound caard

Sarah k Alawami

Agreed. I remember when I made such a mistake almost 20 years ago. Lesson learned.

Take care and be blessed all.

On Oct 9, 2017, at 12:33 PM, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:

I would simply reformat the system and next time don't kill everything

On 10/10/2017 8:27 a.m., Howard Traxler wrote:
I have an older computer running windows XP.  Being totally stupid, I deleted the audio drivers and lots of other stuff that might have been necessary to run things.  It seems that it boots ok but now I'd like to get it to talk or even to run its alva braille display.  I think I have JAWS 9 on it--which, of course, won't talk or display.  But now, I've created a portable copy of NVDA, thinking that maybe I can somehow make the machine talk enough to get its drivers back and make it talk normally again.

Any ideas about this situation?  Thank you anybody.


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