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Robert Mendoza

Thanks for the heads up. If I'm not mistaken, Brian this is the so-called Quantum Firefox browser they will soon to be launch this November. I have the experience to install the beta or the pre-released version 57 the other day but it turns out my PC under nvda 2017.3 of Windows 7 32 bit gets slower to response so I decided to get back to version 56 rather. The mentioned released is in accordance with theWindows 10  compliance. The only worry is that once they released the final version this November could somehow had a fix as well to the performance of the Windows 7 32 bit users as well. As a reminder, may or might not install it first because your machine will gets in trouble for the said update of Firefox, and not sure if nvda dev teams is pretty much ready to handle this update soon to our machine.

Robert Mendoza

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Comment # 25 on Bug 1394207 from :Gijs (not here until monday)at 2017-10-09 01:49:53 PDT
(In reply to carl from comment #24)
(In reply to carl from comment #23)
This bug is only fixed in 57. It's expected that you're seeing this in 56, but
it's too late to fix this within 56 because it's already released, and this
issue is not severe enough to warrant a specific dot-release. If it's very
annoying given your usage pattern, you could consider switching to 57 beta.
Otherwise, this will be fixed when 57 reaches the release channel in a few
weeks' time.

Product/Component: Firefox :: General

Tracking Flags:
. status-firefox-esr52:unaffected
. status-firefox55:unaffected
. tracking-firefox56:-
. status-firefox56:wontfix
. status-firefox57:fixed

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Quite right I did,

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