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I can only tell you that I think you would have sound since the external device has no relation with the driver used for the internal one.  I'm by no means an expert so, while that is what I think is likely, you may want to wait for other answers. 

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Hi Gene, I have a similar-ish situation. My Asus laptop uses Realtec HD audio, and when I try and plug in an external speaker or headphones it wants to run a device configuration program, which is not in the slightest bit accessible.

I asked on an Asus forum and the advice was to uninstall the Realtec HD drivers and replace them with the more basic driver that is available on the Realtec website.

Obviously at the point I uninstall the problematic driver I'll loose all sound for installing the suggested driver.

If I get myself one of those USB soundcards, should I then be able to hear NVDA again while I do the driver installation?

My sighted assistance is not very comfortable with anything more complex than emailing :)

It's not a priority because I don't often have the need to use headphones with my laptop, but if there's a way I could then I'd like to do it.

This is the forum thread if that's any help



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